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Online Coaching with
Joanna S Cohen MD

Rebalance your life,  Develop a healthy sustainable lifestyle, and Thrive


My Name is 
Joanna S Cohen MD

Hi there!

I am an academic pediatric emergency medicine physician with three amazing kids. Making it all work was a struggle, particularly early in my career when the kids were young. Feeling needed and being busy often took priority over taking care of myself. I grew to learn that busy wasn't the same as productive and that taking care of my body, mind, and spirit was at the heart of my productivity.  At Wellness Revival MD, I trained as a coach with the goal of making it easier for other professional moms to reach their goals. Whether you want to focus on a developing an exercise routine, changing your eating habits, modifying your behaviors, redefining your work life balance, improving your relationships, or even transitioning your job, an individualized coaching program can help set you on the on your path,  hold you accountable, and find solutions to make changes sustainable. Book a free discovery call today to see if coaching is right for you!

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What I Specialize In


Establishing and Maintaining Exercise Routine

Woman Baking

 Adopting  Healthy Eating Habits


Career Advancement and Transition

Gay Family

Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships


Work Life Balance



"I am incredibly grateful for Joanna’s unwavering support and guidance in helping me navigate the challenges of balancing work ,as a new attending, and a mom. Joanna helped me streamline my thought process, recognize my struggles, and develop a healthy mindset. Without a doubt her sessions have been transformative for me! "

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